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But underestimating his base is exactly why the democrats lost

[Russia] wanted control of their US owned nuclear and metal mining companies which they already got. They got sanctions relaxed and a puppet in the white house they can control. Now they can freely expand into the north pole unopposed and claim the oil there for themselves (something that they been chasing for years).

This kind of cosmic triangulation, called “very long baseline interferometry,” took years to refine. Some telescopes had to be upgraded to capture the right kinds of light. Researchers needed to install atomic clocks precise enough to match up their observations down to the microsecond.

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Me. More of a glare at me, really. But whatever, could just be on the phone or something. I get wary when people have some sort of threshold for how much hate they stand for, especially when it can be used to justify other behavior (like buying chicken). My own father, who has a queer grandson, is on the fence about Chick fil a because he likes the chicken and wants to “support the local community,” and he can rationalize away the negativity because it feels far removed from him and his chicken sandwich. I know I not perfect in my consumer choices, and I know that capitalism in general creates a lot of inequality and immorality (so many companies do bad stuff for the good of the bottom line), but when I can do something even in a small way, I try to do it.

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